Payfriends: New way to pay your friends!

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Payfriendz is an app introducing a new and truly sociable way to send money to friends in real-time. It's really easy, safe and it's free! Payfriendz enables you to combine fuss-free payments to your friends with a chat function.

Payfriendz works like a prepaid account; you top up funds into it and can then send these to other Payfriendz users. Your account connects to your phone's contacts enabling you to see which of your friends already has the app. You can send chat messages in any transaction and spend your balance online using your Virtual Payfriendz card.


You can use your Payfriendz balance to transfer money to friends, make withdrawals to your bank account, and shop online with your Virtual Payfriendz card that comes free with your account.

Payfriendz is for smartphones. After a quick and easy 3-step registration you'll be good to go!

By using the contacts in your phone’s address book, you can invite your friends to download the app so that you can then send money to each other. You can request money from your phone contacts straight away or top up money to your Payfriendz account to send to your friends.

Next time you're having an awesome night out, splitting the bill in your favourite restaurant, or even trying to do all that when you've misplaced your wallet, don't stress! Let one of your friends cover the bill and you can easily transfer the money back to them.

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