Bitwalking is digital currency you earn just by walking!

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It’s theoretically possible to earn Bitcoin by manually calculating hashes, but there’s an easier way to earn a little digital currency. Just get off your butt and walk.

Yes, Bitwalking wants to pay its users for walking around. It takes around 10,000 steps to earn a single Bitwalking dollar (BW$), which works out to about five miles of walking per BW$. Daily earnings will initially be capped at 3BW$, so this won’t be a way for elite speedwalkers to get rich quick.

To start, Bitwalking will only be available in four places: Japan, Kenya, Malawi, and the United Kingdom. In poorer countries like Kenya and Malawi, it has the potential to make a massive impact in people’s lives. In Malawi, for example, a worker in a rural area earns around $45 a month. By tracking their steps with Bitwalking, they could nearly double their income.
So why does Bitwalking want to pay people to walk? To gather health and fitness data about their users, just like everybody else in the tracker game — Nike, Fitibit, Garmin, etc.

It’s clearly spelled out in their privacy policy. While it states that Bitwalking’s primary purpose for gathering data ” is to provide and enhance the Services,” the policy also states that they’ll use it to send you special offers, upgrade opportunities, contest notifications, and event information. You’ve probably read before that if a product or service is free that you’re the real product.

When you’re being paid to use a service, like Bitwalking, it makes your role even more clear. For now, at least, Bitwalking promises not to hand over any personal information to third parties, but that could always change. There’s money to be made off of non-personal data, but there’s even more to be made if it can be personalized.

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