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Amazon does it, so does eBay and hundreds of other online businesses – now brick and mortar stores are finding online feedback to be an incredible tool in quickly locating the products that perform well along with products that may need to be pulled from the shelf.

By allowing customers the opportunity to provide instant feedback in product reviews companies are gaining a much better picture of consumer buying habits than simply waiting to see if consumers returned for a repeat purchase of a product.

Online business is learning a great deal from customers as to products that exceed expectations and others that have inherent flaws the company had no knowledge of.

At first blush it may seem that such an open invitation to feedback may be detrimental to the success of your company, especially if the feedback is negative. However, since business has been used to learning of customer’s likes or dislikes by hearing from them first-hand, the use of feedback can seem a bit frightening. However, for the customer it feels like a safe, third party means of letting your voice be heard.

Sure, others will see the product review and it may negatively affect their purchasing decision, but it may be a quick way for a business to come to terms with the lack of performance and quality of a product you may have been considering restocking.

Your response to the customer’s feedback allows the customer to feel their voice was important and their opinions did count in how you do business and what offerings you make available online.

When you allow independent reviews to be posted online you will likely discover increased sales. Why? Because the majority of online customers tend to place a higher value on the opinions of people who do not work for the company. They’ve spent so many hours listening to a variety of sales pitches that to have an actual customer provide a glowing recommendation means more than a well crafted sales pitch.

When negative product reviews come in early and often you may have discovered a flawed product that can be submarined before it becomes a problem product. By releasing the tools needed to empower your customer with a voice, you may well find that the voice is largely positive. In turn, that largely positive voice can became a rather inexpensive sales tool. Finally, that inexpensive sales tool may result in a long-term customer relationship because you listened to customer concerns and addressed the issues quickly.

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