Snapchat is letting you save your favorite snaps now!

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Snapchat is letting users, for the first time, store ”snaps” and “stories” within the messaging app for viewing or re-sharing later.

Snapchat, known for its ephemeral messaging features, unveiled the new section called “Memories” on Wednesday, which acts like an in-app camera roll. The “Memories” tab features an image search tool in which users can type keywords like “cat” or “Paris” to quickly retrieve snaps or stories, strings of photos and videos that can normally be viewed for 24 hours. Users will be able to use their saved snaps to create new stories with edited captions or new graphics. Users will also be able to combine individual stories into a longer sequence, a feature that could be used for celebrating a birthday or anniversary or event. Typically photo and video snaps on the service disappear after they are viewed, unless the user opts to replay them.

“Memories is a new way to save Snaps and Stories on Snapchat,” the company said in blog post on Wednesday. “It’s a personal collection of your favorite moments.”

Users will also be able to store snaps and stories in “Memories” in a password-protected section called ”My Eyes Only,” which helps prevent friends or family from seeing snaps user want to keep private. The company also rolled out a new way to send saved snaps to friends or post them to their story. If a user adds a snap taken more than 24 hours earlier to their story, the snap will appear with a frame around it to mark that it was taken in the past.

Snapchat said it will only back up photos or videos from users’ camera rolls if they are used to make a story or if they are added to “My Eyes Only,” in which case Snapchat will back up only the photo or video that was used.

Snapchat reportedly has 150 million daily active users and was valued at about $18 billion by investors when it most recently raised funding in May. The new features suggest that users have been saving a notable volume of snaps, either by taking screenshots or by saving snaps to their camera rolls. The tools could boost even more engagement on the app by making it easier to users to find content for snaps and stories and by making the app easier to open in public or with friends around. Through the update, Snapchat, which once presented itself as a tool built solely for sharing content from the present, is following in the footsteps of larger social media companies like Facebook FB +1.19% and Instagram, which already make it easy to share older posts, photos or videos.



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    How to save snapchat stories using snapchat saver?
    Post article related to that
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    Part 1: How to save your own Snapchat Stories?
    Sometimes Snapchat stories come out so well that you yourself do not want to parted with it. But snaps, unfortunately, don’t stay there forever and will disappear after some time. However, the good news is that if you love your Snapchat story so much that you wish to have it all the time and not disappear, you can do something about it. And the best part is that, Snapchat itself gives you the provision to do that without any external applications.
    In order to save Snapchat stories, you just have to follow the simple steps given below.

    Step 1: Open Snapchat in your smartphone
    Tap on the Snapchat icon in your mobile. It is a ghost icon on a yellow background.
    Step 2: Go to the Stories screen
    Now, select the “Stories” icon with three dots to enter to your stories screen.
    snapchat story
    Step 3: Tap on the three vertical dots icon
    To the right of “My Story”, there will be an icon with three dots arranged vertically. Tap on that icon.
    my story
    Step 4: Download the snaps
    To download your entire story, tap on the download icon to the right of “My Story”. This will save your entire story inclusive of all the snaps in it.
    download my story
    If you are particular about a single snap in your story, follow the previous steps and tap on the snap you wish to download. In the bottom right corner or the top right corner of your screen, there will be a download icon. Tap on it to save only your favourite snap.
    download a single snap

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