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So basically i would like to get DSL Internet Home 8000 package.

How much money am i supposed to pay? Since i am from Romania and living with rent in a flat.

€70,80 once off  + €44,84(Internet Home 8000) = 116(+Line rental) first time and then €44 8mpbs + € 16,44(line rental) every month after  ? That would be the price? Or there is some extra charges ?

I have a phone line which was connected to primetel before and i was getting internet from it.

I am confused with cyta prices can someone shed some light ? What would be a total for DSL Internet Home 8000 package new connection?

And what is NetRunner ? They seem to have cheaper prices.



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    Good morning Mr. Valentino,

    For you to have a DSL Internet home service you will be needing the following:

    You have to pay €150 cash as a deposit
    At some time that you will terminate your internet connection you will get the money back.

    For the landline we have two services for you to choose:
    1. if you want a landline with a number to make phone calls the installation will be €120.30 and this can be paid into 24 payments, 5.02 each. The monthly fee is €16,44, and the calls that you will make.
    2. if you want a landline without a numer, meaning not be able to make phone calls, the installation will be
    €108.56 and this can be paid into 10 installments, €10,86 each. The monthly fee is €12.15

    For the installation we offer you two choices:
    1. Self installation meaning you will take the modem from cytashops and you will make the physical installation, wires and filters. That will be charged to your next bill, €35,40
    2. Installation from Cytas technicians, meaning our technicians will come to your flat and install it for you.
    This will cost €70,80 and can be paid into 10 installments of €7,80 each month.

    The DSL 8000 Connection Package is €44.84 each month to your bill.

    Netrunner is the Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Cyta. It is a part of the DSL connection that you will have, it is included in the €44,84 mentioned above.

    If anything is not clear please reply back.

    Thank you
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    What if i chose DSL Access Home4000 how much i have to pay i heard i don't have to pay for deposit anymore is that true ?

    I wan't to pay monthly DSL Access Home4000 and the DSL modem(ten monthly installments) how much will that be for the first new month/connection?

    I think i also need someone from cyta to setup everything.

    And what is the difference between DSL Access and Access

    I want only internet connection no phone line or phone connection.

  • _steliosd__steliosd_ Member Αναρτήσεις: 54
    The Internet Home 4000 costs €27,14

    The cost for the rental of the line without a telephone number is €12,15

    DSL Access and Netrunner were the names we used for internet products.
    Now we have unified these 2 products into Internet Home so there is no reason to be confused anymore.

    Don't hesitate to reply back for any inconvenience or further questions.

    Thank you

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         Just to add, in case you are permanent resident of Cyprus there are some exceptions for the deposit of €150 . However, because the requirements for the exception are very volatile it is better to visit a Cytashop with, if you have one, Permanent Residence Permit (the yellow sleep). Also, take your last bill from Primetel if it is on your name. You need it to transfer your number to CYTA.

        As far as it concerns the installation fees, you can pay only the minimum €35.40 if you have few minutes to spare and install it by yourself. You can also dial 132 for support and guess its free from CYTA numbers

        Apart from the initial costs you will pay monthly €27.14 for Internet Home 4000 and €12.15 for the land line. That would be €39.29 in total. If you make a 12 month contract you save one month or €27.14 and if you pay 6 moths in front you get 10% discount.

        Finally you get some value adding products like 4 email accounts and free access to cytanet wireless zone, among others. Spare a couple of minutes in Cyta site here and get the details. 

        Oh, and there is no charge for downgrading or upgrading your speed apart of from the new packet price so feel free to start with lower speeds

    Hope I helped  :)>-

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    Thanks guys i went to a cyta shop i and got informed. I want only internet access and there is the option to pay everything in 10 monthly instalments either way i had subscribed i am waiting for cyta to come home and install it.

    There was a package(Internet Home without fixed Telephony) which doesn't require deposit but is like 58euro monthly for 10 months and after 10 months it goes like 39,29euro for 4mpbs.

    Either way i am pleased i didn't have to pay the deposit.

    By my calculation the first bill should be around 58euro right? 10 monthly instalments + 4mpbs(Internet Home without fixed Telephony)?

    And how log it take till the installation is made by cyta?
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    I am glad we helped. :)

        I’m not sure for the precise amount of the first bill but I know that within 2-3 working days you should have your connection ready.

        In case of delay (after the third day) you can call to 132-1-3 for Orders Department and ask details about the progress of your application.

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    You can always find the updated prices here.
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