What should I do If I lose my SIM Card?

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If you lose your SIM Card, please call the Call Centre on 132, as soon as possible, or visit any of our cytashop with your identity card (if you are a pay monthly customer), or with your Customer Code (if you are a soeasy pay as you go customer) and all outgoing calls will be barred (the service will be disconnected) to protect your account.

You can request:

A. Temporary disconnection of your telephone number or 
B. A replacement of your card with the same telephone number or
C. Cancellation of your telephone number.


  • You are responsible for any charges that may occur until the time of the temporary disconnection or cancellation of your telephone number.
  • You will continue to be charged with the monthly subscription fee during the temporary disconnection of your telephone number.
  • During the temporary disconnection period, your card will not be working.
  • In case your card is found, you should request reconnection of your telephone number.
  • In the case of temporary disconnection of your telephone number for 3 months, Cytamobile-Vodafone has the right to cancel it.
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