Mobile Screen Damage!

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Broken Mobile Screen.


If your mobile screen is broken and you are wondering how much it will cost you to fix it we are giving you a few prices:

LG-Nexus 5 -> 110+Vat

Sony XPeria SP -> 175+Vat

If you break the screen of your Iphone you will need to change the device to the dealers. It can not be fixed, this applies also if your Iphone presents any technical problem. If the damaged is covered under warranty, the dealers will change your phone for free.

The prices without a warranty are:


IPHONE 5S -> 252,10 + VAT

IPHONE 5C -> 252,10 + VAT

IPHONE 5 -> 252,10 +VAT

IPHONE 4S -> 210.08 + VAT

IPHONE 4 -> 168.07 + VAT


** All prices are indicative.


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