The 10 most dangerous things users do with their Smartphone

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1) No security code. 62% of users do not password protect their device.

2) Automatically connect to banking and financial pages. 32% have stockpiled codes in memory.

3) Users take, send and store nude photos on their Smartphone.17 percent of the recipients forward the photos. 

4) Users click on the malicious links that are in email ... 156 million malicious emails sent on a daily basis.

5) Posting photos while on vacation. 75% of convicted criminals believe that other criminals use social networks to find easy targets.

6) Posting photos as they have disabled location settings. Approximately 500 million photos are rising daily in social networks.

7) They share personal data with shifty. 27% of thefts are via telephone scams.

8) Current with unprotected (without case) smartphone. 25% do not use cases.

9) Connect on unprotected networks WIFI. 52% of users connect on unprotected networks.

10) 60% of users have no guarantee when buying Smartphone.
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